From the recording Live on StagNite

written by me, Irene Allen, in February 2002 the first time I saw the RoundUps play. It was love at first sight.


I used to be skinny and sweet and drug free
If you needed a friend to drive your drunk ass home, it was me
I was a good girl, I was a virgin, I was an angel and how
But there's been a change
I'm a NKA now

Woke up this morning hung over and coughed up a lung
At least I can say that I'm no longer so highly strung
The high price I pay to get through each day without having a cow
Is surely deranged
But I'm a NKA now

Never used to sing country or funk
If I took a drag or a swig or a hit it was news
Couldn't give back rubs and wouldn't give blow jobs and biting I did not allow
But I'm a more dangerous
NKA now

Boys are like puppies and Kleenex (TM) and flashes in pans
Squeeze me too tight and I might just slip right through your hands
Buy me a drink n I'll giggle and wink
Then through you and your heart I will plow
But don't be a stranger
...NKA now

I'm no longer starry-eyed, perfect, well-mannered and good
But don't think I'm rotten, I hate to be misunderstood
Still pretty sweet, I don't lie I don't cheat I don't steal and I won't break a vow
Just a dirtier mangier NKA now
I meet a much wider range as a NKA now
I made a damned fair exchange
for a NKA now